Blood plasma purification

The advantages of INUSpheresis® are manifold

In addition to reducing the risks and side effects associated with conventional plasmapheresis, the method offers a targeted and gentle treatment option. Since only the pathogenic components are removed, the balance of healthy plasma components remains undisturbed. This contributes to improved therapy tolerance and a higher quality of life for patients.

INUS MedD May 2023

Extracorporeal therapy method

As an extracorporeal procedure, INUSpheresis® is characterized by its targeted positive effect on the various systems without being particularly stressful.

This enables effective treatment of various diseases associated with immune system dysfunction and contributes to an improved quality of life for patients.

INUs Lab May 2023

Immunomodulatory therapy

INUSpheresis® is an advanced and gentle treatment method that belongs to the category of immunomodulatory therapies and is based on the principle of DFPP (double filtration plasmapheresis).

The method is also called membrane differential filtration apheresis (MDF) or cascade filtration apheresis.

INUS Lab 2023

Comparison to traditional plasmapheresis

Compared to traditional plasmapheresis (plasma exchange), INUSpheresis® has significant advantages.

While traditional plasmapheresis involves discarding plasma with all its good and bad components and then substituting special plasma substitutes, INUSpheresis® enables a more targeted and gentle treatment.