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Analyze the way into the disease and you find out the way out

In 1999 the alternative practitioner and businesswoman Karin Voit-Bak founded the company "INUS". The company INUS stands for individualized diagnosis and therapy of chronic time illnesses. The goal of INUS is to create a holistic, integrative model that analyzes the path to illness in chronically ill patients and offers a path to recovery based on this information.

INUS relies on an individualized approach in which diagnostics and therapy are adapted to the specific stresses of the individual patient. A broad spectrum of medical disciplines, from science and conventional medicine to naturopathy and environmental medicine, as well as regenerative and energetic procedures, are combined in an interdisciplinary concept. The resulting precision medicine does not follow a rigid way of thinking, but is adapted to the individual needs of the patient.

INUS precision medicine was born and became a life mission

Under the leadership of nephrologist and expert in blood purification/apheresis, Richard Straube, MD, who joined INUS Medical Center AG, a day clinic in Bavaria, as the new chief physician in 2006, INUS has further developed therapeutic apheresis. This new form of therapy, based on the principle of "bloodletting", was standardized as "INUSpheresis" after years of research and data collection and represents another milestone in the fight against chronic diseases.

In 2023, more than 20 years after its foundation, hundreds of therapists from the fields of naturopathy, conventional medicine and environmental medicine are working according to the INUS concepts of precision medicine. The successes are impressive and both Karin Voit-Bak and Dr. Richard Straube can be proud of what has been achieved. Use the extensive knowledge about causes, diagnostics and therapy that is contained in the INUS concept for your health as well.

You too can benefit from the knowledge of causes, diagnostics and therapy of the INUS concept.

Authors: Naturopath Karin Voit-Bak and Richard Straube, M.D.

German language, Paperback, 340 pages

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ISBN: 978-3-948309084

Authors: Karin Voit-Bak & Richard Straube, M.D.
INUS Concept May 2023

The INUS concept

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Precision Medicine

In the modern medical landscape, precision medicine has established itself as a revolutionary concept that paves the way for individualized treatment.

The precision medicine approach goes far beyond the traditional "one size fits all" approach to medicine and focuses on tailoring treatment for patients based on their individual genetics, environment and lifestyle.

INUS MedD May 2023

INUSpheresis® Centers

Since its introduction in 2008, INUSpheresis® has established itself as a complementary therapy method. The therapy is available at carefully selected sites.

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