Plasma computer

Personalized and patient-centered INUSpheresis® treatment

The plasma calculator enables precise calculation of the plasma and blood to be treated as part of the INUSpheresis® treatment. The aim is to optimize treatment time and ensure the best possible care for the patient. Based on the hematocrit value (HC), which represents the ratio of liquid to solid components of the blood, as well as other patient data such as gender, height and weight, the calculator calculates the total blood volume and plasma content.

The plasma calculator thus enables personalized, efficient and effective INUSpheresis® treatment. The specific therapy value is determined individually for each patient by the medical staff in the certified INUSpheresis® centers. In this way, INUSpheresis® treatment can be optimally planned and carried out.

Calculation of the amount of blood plasma to be treated (according to Sprenger)

The contents and functions of the INUS Health website, especially the plasma calculator, have been conscientiously planned and implemented.

The plasma calculator calculates the amount of plasma to be treated based on the calculation method of "Sprenger" (Sprenger KB, Huber K, Kratz W, Henze E: Nomograms for the Prediction of Patient's Plasma Volume in Plasma Exchange Therapy From Height, Weight, and Hematocrit. J Clin Apheresis 3:175-190, 1987) in the ratio 75%.

The hematocrit value (HC in %) varies in women and men within a reference range. The value specified by the laboratory is relevant for the calculation.

Note that any liability for the result of the plasma calculator is rejected.

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