Treatment phases
of INUSpheresis®

This is how plasma cleaning works

INUSpheresis® is a further development of the bloodletting principle and is based on the many years of experience of apheresis therapists. It is a special form of high-tech plasma cleansing and immune modulation that is used for chronic and acute metabolic and immune disorders. The aim of INUSpheresis® is to sustainably improve your health.

In the certified INUSpheresis® centers, the therapy is used to treat various ailments, including rheumatic diseases, lipid disorders, inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

The intelligent detox filter is able to remove harmful substances such as malformed autoimmune antibodies, inflammatory mediators, environmental toxins and virus particles from the body. Even after the first INUSpheresis® session, patients can notice a significant reduction in their stress levels.

INUS before treatment

Before treatment

In the preparatory phase for INUSpheresis®, a medical history, an explanation, a detailed blood test and a physical examination are carried out. It is important that we have a complete picture of your health in order to ensure the best possible therapy.

The attending specialist (physician) will inform the patients in detail about the INUSpheresis® treatment. They will be informed about the mechanism of action of the therapy, the type of filters used, the expected effects and risks and side effects.

The treating INUSpheresis® team will ensure that patients have all the necessary information.

INUS during treatment

During treatment

INUSpheresis® treatment is performed in the specialized practice on an outpatient basis, in a relaxed position on a couch. The therapy lasts between two and three hours.

For the purification process, blood is drained off via access points in both bends of the arm and fed back in. This technique makes it possible to purify the blood outside the body through a highly specialized filter system.

The process begins with the primary filter, which separates the blood plasma from the solid components of the blood. After separation, the blood plasma is passed through the secondary filter. The secondary filter (fractionator) is specially adapted to the individual treatment goals and filters out pathogenic substances.

After the blood plasma has been purified, it is remixed with the previously separated solid components of the blood. This ensures that only purified blood is returned to your bloodstream.

INUS after treatment

After treatment

INUSpheresis® treatment has the potential to significantly improve health status, with many patients noticing positive changes shortly after therapy.

On request, we can evaluate the effectiveness of the cleaning by analyzing the so-called filter eluate.

We recommend that our patients refrain from driving or cycling on the day of therapy and for 24 hours afterwards and use the time for recovery.